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Printable Summer Bucket List ⋆ Real Housemoms

This post is sponsored by Mirum. The opinions and text are all mine.Don’t let summer fly by without doing anything exciting. This FREE printable summer bucket list will have you making sweet memories all season long! Summer can go one of two ways, it’s either spent slowly losing your sanity with nothing to do but count the days until everyone is back at school and not screaming “I’m bored” every two minutes, or it’s spent with every week having a new an exciting activity to look forward to making great memories along the way. This year I’m breaking out the summer bucket list so we make sure to do everything we love before our oldest starts high school.While summer is all about relaxing, it’s also about making the most of the extra time you have with family. For me, that means getting out of our comfort zone, trying new things, and most definitely celebrating with the treat of the summer, ice cream. PRINTABLE SUMMER BUCKET LISTLike this printable? Pin it to your SUMMER pinboard!Follow Real Housemoms on PinterestI remember as a kid the best memories were the ones that involved days or nights that were accompanied by ice cream. Whether it was a backyard bbq, pool party, or sleepover there were always two things present; an overload of fun, and plenty of ice cream!As a parent, it’s now my duty to be sure that my kids have those experiences I once enjoyed so much. Since I know it’s easy to let those three months slip away, I decided to make a bucket list to keep the fun flowing all summer. Since as I mentioned before that everything is made better with a bowl of ice cream, we plan on celebrating each marked off task with one of our favorite Unilever ice cream brands from Albertsons. Have A Fun-Filled Summer With This Summer Bucket List PrintableIf you want to join in on all the fun we’ll be having this summer, be sure to download this free printable and make your summer a little sweeter. You can follow along with exactly what we’re doing, or download the blank printable and choose your own summer bucket list ideas.I can’t wait for what we have planned, from outdoor movies to hiking, baking, reading, and anything else we can do as a family. This list will truly help us have a summer well spent.Get Started On Your Summer Bucket List ActivitiesAs I type this, I am already planning in my head which sweet treats will be coming with us on our bucket list activities.This weekend we will be kicking things off with a picnic on the beach and you already know that picnic basket will be full of some of my favorites like:Breyers 2-in-1’sBen & Jerry’s Cookie Core – Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core & Peanut Butta Cookie CoreMagnum Mini’s & Double TubsI know I should only bring 1 but how can you choose when all of them are so good?! Luckily I know there will be plenty of opportunities for each ice cream to have it’s time to shine, especially during our weekly family game nights. Have Your Ice Cream And Eat It Too This Summer!Looks Like I’ll be making regular trips to Albertsons this summer, but I’m more than happy to since they are relaunching the Albertsons Ice Cream Rewards Program! The program allows you to get rewarded when you purchase your Unilever ice cream from any participating Albertsons store. So why not participate, because who doesn’t love getting ice cream and free stuff?!So, before you get going on your bucket list activities, don’t forget to head over to IceCreamRewards.com and check out their sweepstakes where you can be entered to win a year’s supply of ice cream for free. One winner will be chosen weekly, at random, for 21 consecutive weeks and will be rewarded the year’s supply of ice cream in the form of a $250 gift card to your local participating Albertsons Companies Participating store. Not to mention, the first 1,000 who enter will automatically win a $5 gift card to a participating Albertsons/Safeway store. To get the most out of your ice cream rewards all you have to remember is three simple steps, Buy, Snap, and Choose.Buy: With the purchase of $20 of Unilever ice cream products (this can be through one or multiple transactions) you’ll be eligible for a $5 reward to choose from.Snap: Once you’ve made your purchase, just snap a photo of your receipt and upload it to IceCreamRewards.com and you’ll receive your reward.Choose: Lastly, you’ll choose one of the two rewards options, either a Fandango movie gift card or Virtual Visa card. Make Sweet Memories All Summer LongI can’t wait to hear what great things you do with your own summer bucket list, and ice cream rewards. be sure to leave a comment below so I can follow along with your adventures.Be sure to download the free printable below so you can make the most of the entire summer break!Click to download the blank printable PDFClick here to download the pre-filled printable PDF   Download Your Free Copy! 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